Monday, February 25, 2013

Off and Running!

This is Mrs. S. and Toni is sitting in my office at the Logansport campus!  We just created her blog, and she is VERY excited about getting started with this project!!!

Really, she is apprehensive, but I thought VERY excited sounded better.

She chose the title of the blog because of her interest in Kate Chopin and some of the female writers that we studied in ENGL 112 and also in this class.  She is looking forward to looking at more of the writing of the female authors since they are now becoming more popular in later literature. She is also hoping to include her thoughts about some of the female characters we will encounter as we continue with drama (Streetcar Named Desire - who can resist Blanche and Stella??) and The Great Gatsby (Daisy Buchanan).

Of course the above paragraph I had to convince Toni about, but she was willing to follow her love of literature and the women writers and pursue this topic for her blog.

Here we go!  Off and running with Toni's blog!  Watch out for some good reading here!!!