Sunday, March 24, 2013

All of us deserve some pampering

In my ENG112 class last semester I read several of Kate Chopin's writings. The short story "A Pair of Silk Stockings" is about a mother who found some money and was thinking of all of the ways she could spend this money on her children.  The day turned into a mom day which after taking care of the family and getting them off to school she set out shopping. Mrs. Sommers ended up pampering herself with the purchase of some silk stockings, a pair of gloves, lunch at a restaurant that she had never been in, and magazines that were a luxuary at the time. When the day of pampering ended she longed for the cable car to never stop and to go on forever. I for one have felt this way especially when the routine of everyday life seems to be to much. I enjoy the pampering days but always looked forward to seeing my family again at the end of the day.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We can all be redeemed

     Most days on my way home from work I listen to Moody radio. This particular day they were talking to an author named Kasey Van Norman. The book that they were talking about was “Named By God”. The book sounded interesting so I had to download it on my kindle. She writes about her life and the trials that most of us go through. She was raised in church and participated in all of the normal church functions, but was in her late twenties before things started to change for her. One of the things that I think is cool is the tattoo that she has on her wrist that says “Redeemed”. It is a constant reminder to her that no matter what she has done in her past the Lord remains faithful to love and pursue her. She covers in her book our past, our present, and our future. Without facing the things that we have done in our past we cannot move forward. We tend to focus on the past or the future while we are trying to live in the present. “And the future to learn to develop the faith to be change makers in our world through the supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit” - Kasey Van Norman. I could not say it any better. This is a really good book! When I finished this book I bought a copy for my sister in law because I felt it has very powerful stories. It has situations in it that I believe every one of us have been through at one time or another.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Are all girls, bad girls?

Are all girls bad girls? This past fall I learned about an author named Liz Curis Higgs. She wrote a book titled Bad Girls of The Bible. This book looks at some of the bad women of the bible whether they were bad to the bone, bad for a reason, a season or only for the moment. As most of us know Eve started the bad girl trail which we have all walked down. Over the many years since this time nothing has changed. What makes us bad is our disobedience, denial, selfishness, lying, and many other sinful attitudes. There is a bright side to all of this we can all learn through our mistakes and change if we choose to.