Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sisterly Love

      In the play A Streetcar Named Desire the sisters are like so many other sisters that everyone must know. Blanche is so animated in so many ways from the very beginning of the play to the end. When she arrives at her sisters she feels as if she must have gotten the address wrong surely her sister would not be living here. She says to Stella “I thought you would never come back to this horrible place”. Blanche was great at pretending to be a social drinker she would sneak a drink and put the bottle back and wash the glass out she was definitely hiding her taste for the alcohol. Blanche also carried on about how Stella was only there for the funerals; the actual deaths that Blanche had to contend with at Belle Reve were so hard on her. Because funerals cost so much and no one had prepared for their deaths, this is why she lost Belle Reve (not true).  Not to mention all of the trouble that she caused with her indiscretions at the Flamingo hotel in Laurel and with the teenage boy at the school where she taught. The deceitful life that she had created eventually caught up with her when she tried to tell Stella what Stanley had done, too little too late.

     And then there was Stella always there to defend her sister. This caused trouble between her husband and herself. She defended Blanche saying she is sensitive. When Stanley revealed Blanche’s affairs at the Flamingo Stella replied contemptible lies pure invention. Stella tries to explain why her sister is the way she is the loss of her young husband, finding out he is homosexual but none of this seemed to matter to Stanley. In the end Stella is crying as she packs Blanche’s trunk for her to be taken away by the matron and doctor. Stella feels as if she has let her sister down.

     It seems that in most families there are weaker and stronger siblings. And as we love our siblings we often defend them to the bitter end. After all they are usually the only ones that would be there for us no matter what, whether we agree or disagree with their lifestyle or choices that they have made they are our family.

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